Manuel Križ

Department of Linguistics, University of Vienna


I am currently a researcher at the University of Vienna and pricipal investigator of the project Modality and Excluded Middle funded by the Austrian Science Fund.

My research is concerned with the formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language, where I use experimental methods to improve the empirical grounding of logical analyses. I am particulary interested in a collection of phenomena somewhere at the intersection of semantics and pragmatics, logic, and philosophy:

  • Plurals
  • Modals and Conditionals
  • Multivalent Logic
  • Imprecision Phenomena

I received a doctorate from the University of Vienna in 2015. My dissertation Aspects of Homogeneity in the Semantics of Natural Language investigates a particular property of plural predication, which causes sentences to fail to be determinately true or false, and attempts to analyse a number of other linguistic phenomena in its terms.

You can contact me at [first name].[last name without diacritic]

The ‹ž› in my name is pronounced [ʃ].