Manuel Križ

Linguist in Exile


My research has been concerned with the formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language, where I used experimental methods to improve the empirical grounding of logical analyses. I have been particularly interested in a collection of phenomena somewhere at the intersection of semantics and pragmatics, logic, and philosophy:

  • Plurals
  • Modals and Conditionals
  • Multivalent Logic
  • Imprecision Phenomena

I received a doctorate from the University of Vienna in 2015. My dissertation Aspects of Homogeneity in the Semantics of Natural Language investigates a particular property of plural predication, which causes sentences to fail to be determinately true or false, and attempts to analyse a number of other linguistic phenomena in its terms.

You can contact me at [first name]@[last name without diacritic].fr.

The ‹ž› in my name is pronounced [ʃ].